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Low profile is ruining your life

Low profile is ruining your life

  • Time of issue:2018-07-31 20:03
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Low profile is ruining your life

  • Time of issue:2018-07-31 20:03
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At the beginning of the new year in 2018, many people made new year wishes in their circle of friends. Some wanted to be promoted this year, some wanted to lose weight, some wanted to be admitted to graduate school...

However, half of 2018 has passed. Some people should still go to bed, swipe their mobile phones, and live a low-quality life that has no requirements and no goals.
A few days ago, my friend Lin Xiang asked me if I could recommend a job for him. I was very puzzled. If a person who has worked in the last company for nearly 5 years, how can I stop doing it?
     He embarrassedly said that he was fired by the company.

It turned out that when Lin Xiang first joined the company, he was a young man full of enthusiasm. He worked hard at everything, and he did his best to assign tasks.
After two years of work, he was recognized by the department leader and was promoted to the team leader. Lin Xiang was very proud and was ready to do his job in this position.
But later he discovered that the supervisor of the same level was not as desperate as he did every day, and still sat in this position securely.
    He started to waver, why did he do this?
Like the position, the salary earned is similar, not as easy as others do every day.
So he started to commute to and from get off work on time, assigning most of the work to his subordinates, sitting in front of the computer, swiping on Weibo and watching movies.
At that time, I reminded him: Don’t stay in the comfort zone for a long time.

As a result, in a word.
In the fourth year, the company started layoffs on a large scale, and all employees who did not meet the working standards within three months were fired.
Lin Xiang began to panic and was about to regain his strength, but found that the life of eating and waiting for death had been carved into his bones.

After working for less than an hour, he couldn't help but start to browse the circle of friends, and the plans he made were always rejected by all the staff. He had too much thinking and could not keep up with the rhythm of the company, and it was inevitable to be fired.

One of the signs that a person is beginning to abandon is unwilling to step out of his comfort zone and live a natural life under lower and lower configurations.
I saw a piece of news before that a woman graduated with a master's degree at the age of 34. She is still a photographer and her parents are both intellectuals. But when she went to a blind date, all she suffered was ridicule:
"Master's degree is useless, a woman without talent is virtue."
"Your situation is very difficult to match."
There is also a middle-aged man who compares her to a beautiful house in the suburbs:
"Here, a man is a bank card. If you have money, you can buy a house, so a woman is a real estate. Look at her, she looks pretty good and has never been married. This room type is okay. But she is older, so Her house is in the suburbs."


I also happen to have a female master's degree beside me. As long as she has free time, she is either on the way to the blind date or at the blind date table. I persuade her, since she is unwilling to go, she will be over.
The female master said, "There is no way. My parents always said that although I have a high degree of education, but I am older after all, I feel that way, in my early 30s, there is really no way out.
I really couldn't find a suitable one, so I lowered my requirements and found one that was almost able to get it. If I didn't go on a blind date, I would only be picked by the worse ones in the future. "
After listening to it, I was ashamed, just because I am getting older, can a master student with a good match only choose love with a low match?
Just because you are getting older, do you just lower your requirements and let your love and marriage be discounted?

Even if the blind date is successful and the two enter into marriage, the low-quality marriage status is even more tormenting.

Some people think that getting married is just two people working together to live a life, just like anyone else. In fact, after getting married, you really realize that a marriage without love is a cage of heart.

With responsibilities and obligations, if you don't love, you have to obey his parents, give birth to him, and run errands for him. The two people's life is not as good as being single.
This is a low-quality life: low requirements, low standards, and low goals.
You want to show your ambitions in your work position; after hitting a wall a few times, you think that it doesn't matter, as long as you can pay your wages on time, it will do.

You want to go to fitness, learn to cook, and live a refined life; you still feel comfortable lying on the bed after you haven't insisted on it for a few days. The takeaway is called convenient. Anyway, you can't be hungry.
You are thinking about marrying love and don't want to broaden your social relations; later, when you get older, the family is rushed again, so you can forget it, and find a similar one.
You are always lowering your standards, always looking for the next best thing, thinking that you will live better this way, but you actually lose more.

Some people say that society is realistic. If you don’t have a background, you won’t have the day to make your debut. Others say, isn’t it good for me to have a leisurely life like this?
The most fearful thing is that you have been doing nothing in your life and comforting yourself as ordinary and precious.
In addition to low-quality jobs, more people have low-quality lives.
Some people say that in a big city, the way to destroy a person is particularly simple:
"Give you a small space, a network cable, and it's better to add a takeaway phone, and then people will be useless."
At the class reunion some time ago, I met Wen Jia who hadn't seen him for a long time.
She was one of the few beautiful girls in our class when she was a student.
After chatting with her, I realized that after graduation, she didn't want to be an office worker, but wanted to stay at home. Later, she quit her job and returned to the small county, relying on her parents to help her, plus a little income from doing a micro-business.
The county is full of older people. She has no friends. She stays at home and rarely goes out to communicate with others. She slept during the day and was full of energy at night. She often watched movies throughout the night and ate all kinds of food uncontrollably. Junk food.

Maybe it was too long to communicate with people. When talking to her, her eyes were always erratic and careless, and her whole face was too bad.

This low-quality long-term home life completely changed her mind and appearance, and even her later life.
Nietzsche said: "Every day that I have never danced is a failure of life."
When a person is satisfied with the status quo, does the same thing day after day, and no longer takes time to improve himself, the low-quality life will always be with you.
You must work hard enough to configure your life most efficiently
"Remember, an actor can't make a name for himself at 28, so just go to sleep."
Hu Mei, director of "Qiao Family Courtyard," said to Zhang Yi, who was just entering the industry.
That year, Zhang Yi, who spent nearly 10 years in the repertory troupe and then switched to an actor, was 27 years old.
Many male actors of his age, even if they are not popular, have at least a certain reputation, and don’t worry about drama appointments, but Zhang Yi, who is new to the industry and no one has brought him, has to work hard to fight for a male actor. .
With a well-off family, his father is also a music teacher, and Zhang Yi has a certain voice. She has shown her broadcasting talent since she was a child. At the age of 16, he applied for the Beijing Broadcasting Institute (later Communication University of China) twice and won the first place in his major.
But the first time I missed the college entrance examination, and the second time I failed because of a small number of competitors' points.
At that time, Zhejiang Radio and Television University had already stated that it would recruit, and even his parents persuaded him to retreat and choose the Broadcasting Department of Zhejiang University.
However, Zhang Yi, who yearned for higher development, did not stop his progress. He could not go to Beijing and Guangzhou, so he went to the Beijing Zhanyou Repertory Troupe. Can be silent and inconspicuous like a little transparent.

In order to improve himself, he does cutscenes, plays, and screenwriters. Running errands is even more commonplace. In each case, he only strives to do his best.

The shooting of "Soldier Assault" started and he wrote a 3,000-word recommendation letter. Finally, relying on his professional acting skills accumulated and experienced throughout the years, he won the male number three. He has small eyes, buckled front teeth, and a big pie face. He is not in line with the public aesthetics. , Because'ugly' is remembered, but it still didn't cause much splash.

That year, he was 28 years old. Although there were dramas to pick up, he was still a thousand miles away from being famous. Some people suggested that he change careers directly, saying that he is neither distinctive nor handsome, and can't eat actors at all. This bowl of rice.
Indeed, if you don’t be an actor, a well-known voice, a well-read poetry, and a brilliant literary literary, you might already be in the field you are good at. Zhang Yi’s dream is far from that. Compared to the life styles of using roles, The broadcasting of timbre is too thin, he wants to be an actor. .

Not only a flow-type idol star, but a professional actor who can embody life with soul.

Therefore, there are Shi Xiaomeng in "Beijing Love Story", "The Story of Hot Mom" with Sun Li, Magnolia Award for Best Actor in "Chicken Feathers Flying to the Sky", and "Dear" and "Dear "The Murderer" and "Operation Red Sea", which has a box office of over 3.5 billion, has countless fans of Captain Jiaolong.

He has never limited his play path and role, and some are just continuous breakthroughs, breakthroughs, and breakthroughs.
From dragon suits to famous performances, from ordinary to extraordinary, Zhang Yi has used himself for more than ten years, telling us what is the "counterattack" of driving low and walking high, and also how to configure the cards in our hands through combinations Way to play a winning side.

     Even if you are old, even if you are not capable enough, as long as you are willing to work hard, the life of high quality will always belong to you.

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